She’s just ‘a little touched.’

‘A little touched’ is a southernism that means one is odd, crazy, or doomed.  While there is no ample supply online to back up the theory, I believe it is meant to mean one has been touched by God or divinity, leaving the person to cope as they can, and usually in an unusual fashion.  I’ve adopted this as my domain name because I am just a little crazy, very odd, and perhaps doomed too.

This is a blog to chronicle my obsession with researching arts and traditions that are being lost in our technologically advanced age.  Some part of me irrationally believes we’ll all need to know these things without a very good foundation of why.  It doesn’t hurt to learn and do them, however, so why not?  So in the name of self-sufficiently (wrapped around an unhealthy doom-crier core), let’s get our hands dirty.



The image of maple leaves in my header is a modified photo I have taken personally.  Oo, she’s multi-talented.


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