Sea Salt

I have scoured the ‘net on how to make your own salt, common sense not withstanding.  The one piece of information I found was extremely simple, so get ready to gather up some local saltwater.

Filter your sea water through cheesecloth and boil in a stainless steel pot.  Three liters of saltwater takes roughly two hours to boil down (Testing this myself, I will have to wager a guess that this is on a gas stove, not electric).  Do not let it get bone dry, let it remain a little moist.

Apparently the above method can leave behind what is known as ‘bittern salts’ which, unsurprisingly makes the salt bitter.  The bittern, however, is one of the best ways to convert soy milk into tofu.  To remove bittern from boiled sea salt, the salt should be suspended over a catching container in a humid atmosphere and the bittern will sweat itself from the sea salt and into your bowl or pot.  The salt is then perfect for consumption while the bittern is ready to use in making tofu once re-boiled and made into crystals.  The bag was referred to as a ‘hessian’ bag, but in doing a quick research I’ve found that hessian is burlap.  If the burlap is too coarse and won’t hold your salt, I imagine a finer weave would be better.

Another method of making your own sea salt would be to set a cookie sheet of the saltwater outside in the bright, happy sun and let it evaporate economically, instead of expending any energy you have to pay for.  This is not always possible, say, for people like myself that live near the Washington coast where being overcast or rainy is rather prevalent.

And yes, folks, that’s all there is.  This will probably be the shortest article I will ever write for the foreseeable future.


Unfortunately, the water boiled too fast and before I knew it the smoke alarms were going off.  I'll try again soon.  Failure was my fault, not the recipe.

I will try again soon, details of the first attempt are below.

8-2008: Early this month I brought sea water back from Point No Point with high hopes.  I thought: ‘Hey, I’ve got this in the bag, I’m well-armed with knowledge.’ My reading had prepared me for a long wait, but ten minutes into a movie I set to watching to bide my time and the smoke alarms in my house started screaming to high heaven.  The kitchen was smoking, my salt was unsalvageable with all the ash now present.  I made an important note: Electric stove tops are much faster and you have to watch the damn pot.  Lesson learned.  Hopefully I can try another batch soon.




Image courtesy of From Nature With Love


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